About Mynurz

MyNurz is an online app that provides a simple cost-efficient way to locate a caregiver of your choice for your home care needs.

In each city in South East Asia we aim to provide the customer, with a database of many home care providers in different areas such as nursing, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

We aim to allow our customers to find the suitable matches of home care providers mostly for the needs of elderly. You can choose caregivers based on skills, experience, price or other criteria and deal directly with whom you choose. There are no additional fees that normally arise as compared to bookings through a traditional nurse agency.

As your needs of care change, you can easily re-select or adjust the type of caregiver, nurse or therapist required as well as the frequency of home visits for your home care or rehabilitation plan.

If you need specific help from specialist providers, we will be happy to support you with key specialist advice, training and inputs to enable you to better manage a proper home care program for any senior who is in need.